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For utility operators looking for a quote, or for landowners with private connections to their local OHL network, please call us on 01555 772572 or complete the form below and we will get back to you shortly. 

Where you do not own the line, please contact your local distribution network operator to report a fault or emergency.


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PLPC started as an overhead line contractor in 1973, and we continue to focus on LV – 132kV construction. Our projects range from a single LV pole change on a private network up to a multi million pound 132kV new build, and everything in between.  Anywhere, and at any time.

We pride ourselves on tackling some of the most demanding terrain and technically challenging projects in the UK, whether it be roadside or helicopter access, grass field or raised peat bog, we have tackled it all.  With the right people and equipment, solutions can be found.

  • LV / 11kV / 33kV  new build, refurb, deviations, private connections, contestable works and decommissioning

  • 132kV new build, trident, refurb, re insulating, re stringing and decommissioning

PLPC can provide full survey and design services, combined with up front and construction phase environmental surveys, ECoW, archeological support and wayleave services.

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